About us

The European Japanese Garden Association aims to create a network of Japanese gardens in Europe and more broadly of all those concerned or interested in the art of Japanese gardens in Europe.

It is open to owners of Japanese gardens in Europe, in the private or public domain (whether or not open to visitors), associations, communities, companies, institutions and foundations, gardeners, designers, landscaping companies, universities, training establishments and enthusiasts for Japanese gardens and gardening.

The activities envisaged are to:

  • Identify and to list the Japanese Gardens in Europe.
  • Network all partners.
  • Communicate – to Inform all activities undertaken by the various members.
  • Participate in the creation or renovation of Japanese Gardens in Europe and generally to all Japanese garden development projects in Europe at the request of members.
  • Develop relations with Japanese authorities in Europe and Japan.
  • Connect members and various institutional partners, European and Japanese universities and companies.
  • Organize events or to participate in organizations and demonstrations proposed by members (study trips, symposium, reception of gardeners Japanese or European, hosting trainees, etc.).
  • Participate in training activities and work towards the creation of a diploma or specialty certificate of «technician of Japanese gardens in Europe».
  • Develop cultural, educational and economic relations and exchanges between the Japan and Europe, the Japanese Gardens being the “showcase” of Japanese culture in Europe.
  • Implement all new activities approved by the Board of Directors confirmed at the General Assembly.

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